Tuesday, August 14

Power Bill

Okay, Autumn just needs to hurry itself on over here and quick. Went to go pay the power bill today, it was $127! Now, I know you all are laughing and wishing you had a power bill that low. But, I also live in an apartment, turn all the lights off when not needed and keep our A/C at a moderate temp of 76-78 degrees. Normally our bill is between $65 and $80, so this caught me slightly off guard. It's just so hot out that our A/C is constantly running. Unfortunately, since we rent, I have no control over the efficiency of the building. $127 isn't outrageous or anything, just out of the norm. "Come on winter!"


Colleen said...

Puhlease. That's like my a/c off bill. We hit $250 this month! Remember to turn that thermostat UP when you guys aren't home!

Cheryl said...

DANG! Yours was more than mine, and my place is bigger!
Yes, to Colleen's advice on turning the thermostat up, also watch using the dryer too much and too long of a hot shower!Turn lights off. Make sure you are have the dishwasher set to air dry and not HEAT dry, AND the washing machine in cold water only!