Wednesday, May 30

Things that make you go hmmmm

Three men go into a motel. The desk clerk said the room was $30, so each man paid $10 and went to the room. A while later, the desk clerk realized the room was only $25, so he sent the bellboy to the three guys' room with $5. On the way, the bellboy couldn't figure out how to split $5 evenly between three men, so he gave each man $1 and kept the other $2 for himself.
This meant that the 3 men each paid $9 for the room, which is a total of $27. Add to that the $2 the bellboy kept and the total is $29. Where is the other dollar?

Monday, May 28

Church Gig

In an earlier post I was talking about my career moves. I went up to the location where Corey does the church thing yesterday. It's a pretty cool and simple rig. One of the best live boards to work on, wireless mics and all that good stuff. I'm hoping I take over that location and he moves to the new site, since it is close to my house. I'm really excited about this opportunity because it is going to be fun, and it's a quick and easy gig. Just on Sundays and only one service. There is also the load in and load out, but the way the rig is built, it's all quick connect and disconnect and then you are done. Plus, it's a paid gig.

At World's End

Went and saw the new Pirates movie the other night with Nichole and my Aunt. It was really good. Critics gave it a bad review, but they never know a damn thing anyways. Everyone has their own opinion. It is a long movie, almost 3 hours, but surprisingly it didn't have any down time or boring parts. There was always something going on, so it made it a very enjoyable experience. I would even pay to go see it again. So, if you can, definately go and see it on the big screen.

Friday, May 25

Thursday, May 24


I've been doing online surveys for a couple of months now. Some offer raffles you can enter with points you earn from doing surveys and others even offer cash. I currently belong to 4 or 5. Somewhere in there. One of the newest ones I belong to is NPD Online Research. I have been getting more of their surveys than any other. What's cool about their surveys is they reward you with points for each survey. The points vary depending on the length of the survey. The points are good towards Sweepland which is a sweepstakes company. They have prizes from magazine subscriptions to a 6 day vacation in Napa Valley! When you claim your points, you also get to play a game where you can win instant prizes or even more points. Each point is one entry into the sweepstakes of your choice. I currently have 262 points in play! Sweepstakes are beginning and ending every day. I hope I win something with those 262 points.

Wednesday, May 23

Hump Day Freebies

For the ladies: Free Panty from Macy's

Free Coffee from Mr. Coffee

Free Reynold's Foil Wrap

Free Atkins

Cheryl's Blog

Be sure to swing by my Aunt Cheryl's blog to check up on her. She posts a lot of freebies and often has very good advice. So, drop her a line.


Well, I finally got my license back, again. Aparently someone forgot to check the "Sanction" box on the computer screen in Dixie county. The ticket that suspended my license has been paid for since August 2nd 2002. They had to go digging through the archives to find it even. When they put the ticket number into their computer system, it didn't even pull up. They finally found it in the system and said that it was a mistake and fixed it. Bing bang boom, I have my license back. What a waste of time and money. Of course I had to pay to have it reinstated. I also made sure to get a letter of clearance from the DMV signed by their rep that took care of me. Done deal.

Saturday, May 19

Career Move

It is time to get out of this mall. Since I have a degree in audio engineering, it is time to put it to good use. As some of you know, I currently work at Full Wave Sound Studios when I'm not stuck working at the mall. That sure doesn't give me enough time there though. Plus, I make some decent money at the mall gig, and the studio wouldn't be able to pay me and get enough work for me that I need. But, some new developments. We are currently putting together a live concert rig. We already have the front of house gear which is the mixing board, cables and fx units we need. All we need are some speaker cabs and amps. We have a couple of shows booked, and hopefully with some hard work we are going to be booking live shows all the time. Now, I get paid pretty good for doing these shows, not enough to live off of though. So, I will be looking for another job on top of this one. Hopefully I can find some other work in the field. I'm also going to sit down and talk with Corey about taking over the church gig he does every Sunday, that's if he moves on to the new facility. So, we will see what happens. It's just time to move on and get things started.

New car?

Nichole is getting her new car at the end of this month. It's going to be a 2007 Honda Civic. Very nice. It's made me consider getting a new vehicle. I'm just not as pleased as I thought I would be with my truck. I know that I want to get a car again. No more trucks. But, I think I still owe too much on it. Plus I have sunk some money into it lowering the suspension and some other mods. So, I'm sure I'm going to keep it. I think I'll end up keeping it until it is paid off. But, in the mean time, I need to get a chance to give it a bath. It is still all nasty from the smoke we were getting from the fires.

Wednesday, May 16

Today's Freebies

Today's Freebies are brought to you by the letter "B". B is for booger, burp, big butts and beautiful.

Get your free slow cooker liners at Reynolds.

And for the ladies:
Free Foundation at Maybelline.
Be like Celine Dion with her new Enchanting Parfums.

Free Stuff

As promised, I will post good free stuff on here when I come across it. Today's freebie is Dove's new Ultimate Clear Deorderant. Get your free sample now while they last! The best part about Dove samples is they are travel size samples, not just one use samples. Can't beat that. Also, every time Dove has a new sample, you can receive it even if you have already received some of their other products for free. So, keep checking them out for new stuff.

Monday, May 14

Automation vs. Human

Just a thought I was having, have you ever noticed that sometimes, most of the time, making any kind of transaction with a computer is so much smoother and hassle free then dealing with a person? Yes, we all hate those automated machine that ask you to press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish. But, sometimes it is just easier that way. Take for instance my cell phone providor. I will not mention their name but, I have always paid my bill online. It goes in on time, it is always the correct amount going in and I have never had a problem with it in the past 3 years. On the other hand, a few people I know that have the same provider pay their bill in the store or over the phone. They always seem to have problems. Put that human in the loop and there is always room for human error. It happens more often than you would think. That is why I pay for everything and do all my transfers on the net. People used to be worried about the security of it, but I find it to be even more secure than handing someone your credit card or giving them the number over the phone.

Sunday, May 13

It's Their Fault

Okay, so I'm really mad about this. Long story made short, got a ticket today for driving on a suspended license! "What" you might say. Yeah that's right, I just got my reinstated like a month ago. Why would they give me a license if something was wrong? Ding ding ding. Apparently, their is an unpaid ticket from 2001 from in another county. This ticket has my name on it but a wrong license number and wrong birth date. Therefore, I never knew about it until now. So, they haven't caught it for years, not even when I got my reinstatement. But now it's suspended because some idiot redneck white trash cop from Perry made a mistake and I'm at fault. Not the lousy government and their messed up ways of raping people of their money. Now, I can't drive for like a month til I can go to court, prove that the ticket is wrong and get it dismissed and get the one I got today dismissed. Oh and pay the damn court fees and reinstatement fee again! Ridiculous. I think I'll will be talking to my lawyer about this and see if I can get something done about. Can we say pain and suffering, money paid to them that I didn't need to or lose of wages?

Friday, May 11


For those of you that enjoy your food cooking the inside of your mouth like I do, head on over to Hotexas and get your free sample of hot sauce.

No more smoke

So, we all know about all these fires that are going on everywhere. Just this morning I was reading the news about the South Catalina Islands' raging fires over off of California. We just happen to have our own fires down in the Everglades and the winds are bringing all the smoke our way. I thought Tuesday was bad, but today, jeez. I went down to my car to go to work and there was a layer, a nice LAYER of ash on it. Now I'm sitting here at work, which is in the mall, and it looks almost as bad in here as outside! I'll be breathing this in all day. I hope no one plans on buying any clothing from here, it's going to reak.

Thursday, May 10

Free Stuff

Okay, so if anyone reads my aunts postings, Basenjimom, you would know we are all about the free stuff. Whoever came up with the saying, "nothing is free in life" didn't know what they were talking about. For the past week, Nichole and I couldn't wait to check the mail because there has been a free sample in there everyday! Today we had three! Two things of Dove product and a Nautica sample. They are not just little trial sizes either, the Dove stuff is travel size just like you would buy at Walmart or Target. Maybe I'll do what my aunt does and post blogs about new free items I come across too.


So, my aunt said that blogging is really cool. I know that one of my aunts even makes good money blogging. So, I thought I might give it a try, see if I can get into it. I know that it would be another networking source for my audio career. So, keep checking back and see what I am rambling about later.