Sunday, May 13

It's Their Fault

Okay, so I'm really mad about this. Long story made short, got a ticket today for driving on a suspended license! "What" you might say. Yeah that's right, I just got my reinstated like a month ago. Why would they give me a license if something was wrong? Ding ding ding. Apparently, their is an unpaid ticket from 2001 from in another county. This ticket has my name on it but a wrong license number and wrong birth date. Therefore, I never knew about it until now. So, they haven't caught it for years, not even when I got my reinstatement. But now it's suspended because some idiot redneck white trash cop from Perry made a mistake and I'm at fault. Not the lousy government and their messed up ways of raping people of their money. Now, I can't drive for like a month til I can go to court, prove that the ticket is wrong and get it dismissed and get the one I got today dismissed. Oh and pay the damn court fees and reinstatement fee again! Ridiculous. I think I'll will be talking to my lawyer about this and see if I can get something done about. Can we say pain and suffering, money paid to them that I didn't need to or lose of wages?


Cheryl said...

Feel better now that you've gotten it all out?

Brandi said...

Let it all out! As with Nichole, I am here if you ever need to vent. I love you guys! :)