Saturday, June 21


Go get your free on over at Nichole's blog!

Saturday, June 14

Spare Yourself

The following is a public service announcement:

We had some free time today, up here in Chicago, so we all decided to go to the movies. We went to go see M. Night's "The Happening". I'm not too much of a fan of M. Night in the first place, but the previews looked pretty good for this one, so I was happy to go see it. Big mistake. If ever I saw a movie that I felt like I needed to demand a refund afterwards, it was this one. I literally walked out and said, "I want my 2 hours back". There was basically no storyline, and if you could find one, it sucked, the acting was horrendous and the dialogue was just as atrocious. I thought Mark Wahlberg was a better actor. Maybe he is and they just paid him squat for this film. But, whatever the case may be, don't go see this movie, less you want to shave 2 hours off your life.


Just keeping you in the loop for a bit...

Saturday, June 7

Residual Money

I've been doing the survey thing for some time now. Longer than I have been blogging. If you are unaware of what I am talking about, I belong to a few survey companies that pay me to take their surveys online. It's almost like free money, because it isn't hard. Most of the surveys aren't bad either, but every once in a while I get stuck doing a really long one that sucks.

About a week ago I took one on snack foods. At the end they asked me if I could be of further assistance. Not only did I get points for taking the preliminary survey (points put towards cash), but now they wanted to send me a Palm Pilot so I can record my snacking for a weeks time. At the end I would simply package the Palm Pilot and send it back to them. In return, they will pay me $50 for doing it! Also, there might be a phase three survey for which I will get paid an additional $10. $60 for not having to do much at all, count me in. I most definitely clicked on the "opt me in" button.

Yesterday I received the Palm Pilot, instructions and included was a bonus $10 Visa gift card just for agreeing to continue the research! This will be one of the easiest $70 I ever made. Do you want to get in on this action? Let me know and I'll show you where to go and you can start getting paid today.


It was bound to happen sooner or later. The simple nature of riding a motorcycle is you are exposed to the elements. Forget about turning on the A/C, and with summer here it's been getting hot. As soon as you stop moving, you start sweating. The other day I was riding home from Tampa and wouldn't you know it, it started to rain. Better yet, it started to monsoon. Needless to say by the time I got home I was drenched, but the bike was clean! It wasn't pleasant. It feels like pins and needles poking you everywhere. I checked the weather that morning and it wasn't supposed to rain. But, the weathermen also projected a few major hurricanes last year and we see how that panned out.

Tuesday, June 3

Freebie Mania!

Today we have some awesome freebies! And speaking of freebies, did you get your free Papa John's? I did! Nothing like free pizza. Let's go get your free on!

Gillette Body Wash (for men I believe)

Betty Crocker Warm Delight Minis (I hate these, but you might like crap. The cool thing is they send you a full size retail pack!)

Kool-Aid, Crystal Light and Country Time Lemonade (Had these a while back, but they are still active)

Mighty Dog can food

Now, my two favorites:

Free Jockey Panty from Macy's! (Can never have too many panties! Hurry, expires on the 6th of June)

Free Flat Earth: Baked Veggie Chips from Subway! (You have until the 22nd on this one. No purchase necessary. Also, if your Subway does not carry Flat Earth, it can be substituted for any Frito-Lay product!)

I really like the coupon ones because even though they take the coupon from you, you can print another one out and keep going back until the coupon expires! If the place gives you a hard time, go to another location! You can even do this for the Papa John's free pizza! Just have to make sure you redeem it enough times within three days of the strikeout game. Some of you might say that that is cheating the system. I say it's making the system work for me. 

Saturday, May 31

Free Food Is Good

Mmm free Papa John's pizza! I'm getting mine. Find out how to get yours here. But, hurry it will not last long at all.

Tuesday, May 27

New Brain Buckets

Nichole and I bought new helmets for the bike the other day. Well, Nichole never had one so she needed one and I had a hand-me-down. Now we both have new ones and they are pretty cool looking. It would have been nice to have a Shoei but they cost a fortune. The cheapest one I saw was $460 and it was ugly. Instead we went with a different brand, but just as good and they both still look awesome. Saved a lot of money in the process too. I'm very happy with mine. Matches the bike the best. Go over to Nichole's and check hers out. It's pretty cool. I didn't care if hers didn't match the bike. I just wanted her to like it.

Car Update

Well, washing my truck did not take the paint off. I knew it wouldn't. So, after talking to the office, the next step is to go get some quotes on buffing the vehicle. Hopefully that will take it off. The part that sucks about it is I'll have to pay for the buffing, bring them the receipt and they will credit us on our rent. I guess there is no other way for them to do it.

My Memorial Day

How was everyone's Memorial Day? Ours was great. On Sunday, I did the church thing in the morning which was awesome. We had a big production with choir, orchestra and the band. We also had videos, lots of lighting and a drama. It was a great production and really touched a lot of people. That afternoon, Nichole and I road the bike over to her fam's house and had a big BBQ there. Good food... too much food.

Yesterday Nichole and I decided to go outlet mall shopping and we drove down to Ellenton Prime Outlets. Good shopping down there. We got some good deals and bargains and had a good time doing it. Although, when we went to the food court to eat, it sucked. There was only one vendor in there that we had even ever heard of and it was Villa pizza, which isn't the best. Needless to say, that's what we had. But, dinner made up for it.

We had some good home cooking from Cracker Barrel! I love Cracker Barrel and it's even better now that there is one closer to home. They started venturing farther from the inter-states a few years ago and now there is one 10 minutes up the road. I had the Fancy Fixin's Sampler which is an awesome sampling of some of their favorites. Of course I had to have the hash-brown casserole as well. After dinner, a little shopping in the store and it finished off a great day.