Tuesday, May 27

My Memorial Day

How was everyone's Memorial Day? Ours was great. On Sunday, I did the church thing in the morning which was awesome. We had a big production with choir, orchestra and the band. We also had videos, lots of lighting and a drama. It was a great production and really touched a lot of people. That afternoon, Nichole and I road the bike over to her fam's house and had a big BBQ there. Good food... too much food.

Yesterday Nichole and I decided to go outlet mall shopping and we drove down to Ellenton Prime Outlets. Good shopping down there. We got some good deals and bargains and had a good time doing it. Although, when we went to the food court to eat, it sucked. There was only one vendor in there that we had even ever heard of and it was Villa pizza, which isn't the best. Needless to say, that's what we had. But, dinner made up for it.

We had some good home cooking from Cracker Barrel! I love Cracker Barrel and it's even better now that there is one closer to home. They started venturing farther from the inter-states a few years ago and now there is one 10 minutes up the road. I had the Fancy Fixin's Sampler which is an awesome sampling of some of their favorites. Of course I had to have the hash-brown casserole as well. After dinner, a little shopping in the store and it finished off a great day.

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Cheryl said...

Mmmmm...we went to Cracker Bareel too! Did you know ANYONE can order off the kids menu? Smaller portions (they always have too much for me) and smaller prices!! : )