Wednesday, May 21

Fine Print

I'm sorry if I offended anyone with the prior posts (now deleted). They were not intentionally offensive. Let it be known that I do not intentionally disrespect friends and what I was stating was, what was asked of us I found funny and some what ridiculous. My personal cell phone is for my personal use and I choose to use it for business. I pay for my minutes and therefore if I choose not to use it, it is my choice.

What I talk about / write about on my blog is pure opinion. Some of it may be true and some may be fiction, but all of it is opinion. So please, do not take everything as literal and just enjoy it. I guess I'll have to screen my topics better.


Coli :) said...

I agree with this.. This is just ones opinion and I feel that not one person has the right to tell you what to say, think or do. For those people who have a problem stop reading so much into it and/or just stop reading.. As for the Phone issue I also agree with your statement on that.. Unless they are going to pay the bill I agree with you 100%..

Cheryl said...

Man. I missed out on something.
Oh well - YOUR blog, write whatever YOU want - no one is forcing anyone to read it. Get their own damn blog!

The Big Leeboski said...

You are afraid of offending people on your blog?

Well tell those candy-asses to get over it.

Offending people is what the blog is for.

No wonder you get the intruder alert.