Wednesday, February 27

Free With Pruchase

Tying with my previous post:

If these high gas prices got you worried or upset, here is a tip that might help. Go get your gas from Shell. Currently they are offering a FREE Microfiber Cloth with every fuel purchase over 10 gallons. All you have to do is show your receipt. You also have 3 color choices: red, yellow or brown. I got red. Maybe that will help sooth the ass-raping you just received.

Fun Times Ahead

Okay, we have all been saying it / thinking it for some time now. But, now it is in print on! Gas prices recently jumped quite a bit up to about $3.13/$3.15 around here. Now they are saying don't be surprised if some areas see $4.00/gal by spring! Come on. Now we are just being silly. It's so outrageous. And don't forget, with gas prices still increasing, that will mean other commodities such as FOOD will continue to rise. I wanted to keep my truck and pay it off before I got a new vehicle, but I can't see myself being able to afford $4.00/gal on a truck that gets only around 15 mpg. It's just a waiting game. A waiting for the inevitable. 

Suck my ass OPEC. And that goes for the rest of you oil suppliers and refineries.

Monday, February 25

Gettin Paid

I haven't seen a good Pay Per Post in quite a while. And I still have a Google rank! Maybe the Real Rank thing is starting to kick in because my Real Rank sucks. Well, at least surveys are still coming in. I have about 4,000 points at Lightspeed and I don't know what to do with it. I could get about $30 via PayPal or I could find a pretty cool gadget, movie or toy. We'll see. Come on Pay Per Post. Send me some opps!

Tuesday, February 19


We did go to the fair last Wednesday. I think it was the first time I have ever been and it wasn't an armband day. Because of that, it was dead... which was cool. No lines and no waiting. We checked out all the crafts and shows. It was Honey Day so there was a few honey booths. We also rode a few rides, but they were not as much fun without the crowds and lines. The best part is, of course, the fair food. We had sausage and peppers, cheese steak, corn dogs, beer, elephant ears and ice cream. We also won Sammy a toy fish which was destroyed in 5 minutes. Cheap prizes. Although it rained some and got cold we still had a good time.

Monday, February 18

New Toys

Nichole and I bought a new TV last night!

It was a bedroom replacement. Our living room set, which is a 36 inch flatscreen (not flat panel) and was free, does not need to be replaced. But, in our bedroom we had an older 20 inch flatscreen (not flat panel) that sat on an end table at the foot of our bed. First of all, we both wear glasses and if you didn't wear them, 20 inches was pointless and almost painful. To boot, if you adjusted the blanket or moved your feet, you would be disrupting the viewing pleasure of the other. So, it was time. 

We got this 32 inch Polaroid. Polaroid is supposed to be getting a lot better and for a secondary TV, you can't beat it. It also has a built in DVD player. I did mount it on the wall, which was a task. Especially when I had to drill big holes to feed the cables through the wall! Others will say that you can't do that because you live in an apartment. Yeah right. I'm going to enjoy my TV the way it was meant to be. I'll change out the door handles in the apartment if I want to. I'll even change the bathroom light fixture because it sucks, and just put the crappy one back when we leave. Then, I'll spackle the crap out of the walls when we leave.

The only problem with the TV is it is almost as big as the living room's. It will eventually have to go bigger.


Print these coupons and get yourself some free food!

Sunday, February 10

State Fair Time

I see that Mr. Fab got to go to the State Fair already this year. It just started on the 7th and Nichole and I are hoping to go. I haven't been in a couple of years and Nichole has only been once. As a kid, we would go almost every year. I always loved going to the fair and I especially couldn't wait to ride on the rides, which we always did last after seeing the craft shows, exhibits, animals and shows. Oh, and don't forget about Cracker Country which I also always enjoy. So, we will see. I really hope we get a chance to go. I might just have to take a day off of work.


Yesterday was the service for my Grandmother. There was quite a bit of family there and a lot that I had not seen in many years. The service was very nice (totally different than what I am used to) and the words spoke by family members were comforting. Afterwards we had everyone over to the house for food, socializing and remembrance. It was very nice and for the most part pleasant. Plus, Nichole and I were able to come home with some free luggage for our trip in September.

Traffic Sucks

Friday evening, I believe I sat in the worst traffic I have ever been in. At about 5:30pm, John from the cell phone joint, called me and asked me if I would go all the way out to our Tampa store and work for the rest of the night. Apparantly they were looking like garbage. So with just a little over 3 hours of the night left, I was supposed to drive 40 mins (normal time) to University Mall and close out the night. Yeah, okay...whatcha going to pay me? $50? Okay! 

I head on out there and what would you know, rush hour traffic. But, not any type of traffic. We were talking 4 miles of bumper to bumper traffic, crawling at no more than 5 mph on a 2 lane / 2 way bridge across the bay (Hwy 60 aka. Gulf to Bay). It was horrendous. I have never been in traffic that bad. What sucked even worse was even if I wanted to get off or turn around, I couldn't. The bridge itself is well over 5 miles and there are only maybe 2 or 3 turnarounds on it. So, I was stuck. But, after being on the road for one and a half hours I finally made it to the mall. It ended up being a good night over in Tampa and we busted out some good numbers thanks to me.

Thursday, February 7


For my readers that are not family or already aware, my Grandmother passed away this Wednesday after a battle with Pancreatic cancers. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly and untreatable cancer due to its un-detectability. Nichole and I will be going over for the memorial service on Saturday.