Wednesday, February 27

Fun Times Ahead

Okay, we have all been saying it / thinking it for some time now. But, now it is in print on! Gas prices recently jumped quite a bit up to about $3.13/$3.15 around here. Now they are saying don't be surprised if some areas see $4.00/gal by spring! Come on. Now we are just being silly. It's so outrageous. And don't forget, with gas prices still increasing, that will mean other commodities such as FOOD will continue to rise. I wanted to keep my truck and pay it off before I got a new vehicle, but I can't see myself being able to afford $4.00/gal on a truck that gets only around 15 mpg. It's just a waiting game. A waiting for the inevitable. 

Suck my ass OPEC. And that goes for the rest of you oil suppliers and refineries.

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