Monday, February 18

New Toys

Nichole and I bought a new TV last night!

It was a bedroom replacement. Our living room set, which is a 36 inch flatscreen (not flat panel) and was free, does not need to be replaced. But, in our bedroom we had an older 20 inch flatscreen (not flat panel) that sat on an end table at the foot of our bed. First of all, we both wear glasses and if you didn't wear them, 20 inches was pointless and almost painful. To boot, if you adjusted the blanket or moved your feet, you would be disrupting the viewing pleasure of the other. So, it was time. 

We got this 32 inch Polaroid. Polaroid is supposed to be getting a lot better and for a secondary TV, you can't beat it. It also has a built in DVD player. I did mount it on the wall, which was a task. Especially when I had to drill big holes to feed the cables through the wall! Others will say that you can't do that because you live in an apartment. Yeah right. I'm going to enjoy my TV the way it was meant to be. I'll change out the door handles in the apartment if I want to. I'll even change the bathroom light fixture because it sucks, and just put the crappy one back when we leave. Then, I'll spackle the crap out of the walls when we leave.

The only problem with the TV is it is almost as big as the living room's. It will eventually have to go bigger.

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Mr. Fabulous said...

I think you meant to buy that for me. When can I pick it up?