Sunday, February 10

Traffic Sucks

Friday evening, I believe I sat in the worst traffic I have ever been in. At about 5:30pm, John from the cell phone joint, called me and asked me if I would go all the way out to our Tampa store and work for the rest of the night. Apparantly they were looking like garbage. So with just a little over 3 hours of the night left, I was supposed to drive 40 mins (normal time) to University Mall and close out the night. Yeah, okay...whatcha going to pay me? $50? Okay! 

I head on out there and what would you know, rush hour traffic. But, not any type of traffic. We were talking 4 miles of bumper to bumper traffic, crawling at no more than 5 mph on a 2 lane / 2 way bridge across the bay (Hwy 60 aka. Gulf to Bay). It was horrendous. I have never been in traffic that bad. What sucked even worse was even if I wanted to get off or turn around, I couldn't. The bridge itself is well over 5 miles and there are only maybe 2 or 3 turnarounds on it. So, I was stuck. But, after being on the road for one and a half hours I finally made it to the mall. It ended up being a good night over in Tampa and we busted out some good numbers thanks to me.

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