Wednesday, April 30

Free Comic Book Day!

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! This Saturday, comic book stores all across the nation not only are giving away free comics but are also having guest artists and writers in the stores to speak with and get autographs. I was not a huge comic book fan when I was a kid, but there were a few I enjoyed. Now that I'm older, I enjoy the more graphic comics from writers such as Frank Miller. Doubt they will be giving away any Frank Miller comics, but I bet the free ones are just as entertaining. So, if you have kids, or even if you don't, get up to your local comic book store and get yourself and your family some comic delight.

Tuesday, April 29


I got my bike! Actually, Nichole and I went and picked it up last Thursday. I've just been so busy with riding it, cleaning it, and figuring out the title and where to keep it things. It was a really quick learning curve for me and I'm very comfortable riding it now. Which is a good thing, because I can't wait to get Nichole on it and start riding together. I'm not completely ready for that yet, plus we still need to get her a brain bucket (helmet). 

Sorry, no pictures yet, but soon.

I was originally planning on keeping it outside with the cover on it. Not my first choice, but really my only choice. They have garages at our complex, but they want $90/month just for a stinking garage. They are out of their mind. Needless to say, after telling them we had a new vehicle they immediately said we have to put it in a garage. That pissed me off. I was prepared to go down there and raise some cane and tell them they were out of there mind. But, I got lucky.

One of our neighbors was just getting home when I was leaving to go ride and he commented on the bike. We chatted for a bit and he mentioned that he had a garage and wouldn't mind sharing if I was interested. I took him up on his offer right away. $45/month is more like it. He has a bike as well, but it's in pieces. So, everything worked out. 

Unfortunately it's been yucky outside these few days and I haven't ben able to ride. Hopefully Thursday will be a sunny day!

Monday, April 28

Get Your Free On

Clean your teeth! Get some Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste.

Have sensitive teeth? Aquafresh might not cut it, but a free sample of Sensodyne might!

Have you heard of Emergen-C? Come get your free sample of Emergen-C Pink Lemonade drink mix.

And don't forget that tomorrow (April 29th) is free cone day at Ben & Jerry's! Mmmm ice cream.

Free $25

Who wants a free $25 bucks?!? I do and I got it. By signing up for this new money transfer service you will get it too... just for signing up! I was skeptical at first but after knowing a few people who have already done it, it's completely legit and free!

This easy service allows you to transfer money from your account to another members account absolutely fee free! (seems similar to Paypal) Since this is a new service, in order to get the word out there, they are offering $25 for anyone who signs up before May 15th! To be honest, I only signed up to get my $25 bucks. I could care less about the service. Free money is the ultimate freebie. Want to do it? Need more information? Do you want a free $25 for doing nothing? Then let me know either in a comment or email and I will send you a referral email. Or, click on the widget. Either way, your boy (me) will get an extra $10 for referring you. Think about how many people you can refer once you sign up.

Thursday, April 24

More Free Stuff

Get a little bacteria in your life!

You got a pooch? You gotta get Schmackos.

Get yourself a travel size tube of Arm & Hammer toothpaste. (we have like 5 of these!)

Mmmm granola! Get some Quaker Simple Harvest either in granola bar form or oatmeal.

Wednesday, April 23

Freebie Mania!

It's been a while since we have had some good 'ol freebie fun time. So, here it goes:

Ever see those 5 Hour Energy commercials and say, "Damn, I'm tired of seeing this commercial."? Well go over here and get your free sample of 5 Hour Energy to perk you back up.

Need some flavor in your life, or your water for that matter. Come get some True Lemon, True Lime and True Orange to put a little flavor in it.

Need a brolly? How about a Bass Brolly? Do you even know what a brolly is? Well go get yourself one anyways.

Ladies... do you carry way too much crap in your purse? (Say yes.) Well, why don't you cut down on the clutter and at least keep all your tampons (like to call em cigars) together with this neat little tampon holder! (LMAO)

Here is something else to throw in that black hole you like to call a purse. Get yourself some of Kashi's Mountain Medley Granola. Guys, you can get some granola too whether you carry a purse or not.

Not necessarily a freebie, but still pretty cool: go sign up for Kohls' Sale Alerts and they will send you a coupon for $5 off your next purchase! Not too shabby.

Tuesday, April 22

Got Screwed On That Deal

The cell phone job is not anything to me but a job. Where as the church gig and studio are more like careers. Those two I actually enjoy going to. It's nice to work and get paid for doing the things you love. But, unfortunately between the two, I still need another job to bring in more money. So, I continue to work at the mall. Well, recently I got screwed.

I used to work at the mall that was right up the road from the house. Not only was it close, but it is a nice mall, with nice clientele and it was easy to make money. Making a long story short, the guy that is the manager there cried, bitched and whined long enough that he hired another part timer and basically cut my hours way back. It's not very fair to me, especially since I have been working for this company for so long. The companies excuse is that my availability is not any good. Well no shit when you have 3 jobs. Anyone working the part time hours this company has (27/week) needs another job. 

So, the only fix was to go work out in Tampa in the ghetto mall where no one has money and everyone wants something for nothing. I hate this mall (ghetto as any) and the clientele is even worse. Bunch of poor, dirty, redneck and ghetto, uneducated, waste of space people. I can't make anything out here having to discount and slash prices. Plus the drive alone sucks. It's too far to drive especially in a truck. And now, this manager is starting to bitch because he can't have Sundays off because I do church. Well too fucking bad dude. You took the management position, now deal with it.

So, I told Nichole the other day that I'm looking to replace this job. Looking for a Friday and Saturday gig. Too bad i can't get more hours at the studio or church right now.

Sometimes You Want To Reach Out And Choke Em

I think I met the most annoying person ever yesterday! It was at the studio. This guy comes in with his dreadlocks and pants around his knees. Apparently he had talked to Corey, but Corey never told me about it. This guy says he rewrote the National Anthem and had a poster with the words on it. Well, I can tell you right now the words suck. Sometimes they didn't even make sense. It was all run-on sentences. Another thing that pissed me off about it was he was trying to capitalize on the 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina thing. Everyone has to jump onboard I guess. But you know what, not to sound harsh or uncaring, but that was long ago. Get over it. It's done with. Let's move on. I'm so sick of hearing about this 9/11 crap that I could scream. 

Anyways, he wants to record his version of the anthem at the studio and he tried (key word is tried) to sing it for me and it was horrendous. But, I can't tell the dude that he sucks. So, I had to suffer.

To boot, what made it all worse is he then stood there for half an hour telling me his life story as I'm ready to pull my hair out. I wanted to reach out and choke the guy and tell him to get lost. It was a blessing once he left. I have never met anyone like that before and I hope I never have to again.

Monday, April 21

Free Ice Cream!

Happy Birthday to Ben & Jerry's! To celebrate their birthday, they are giving you a free ice cream cone! All you have to do is show up. Visit their website to find a location near you.


I'm sure for anybody reading this blog (except for a select few of you), you are not aware that Nichole and I are buying a motorcycle! I'm pretty excited about it. Not only is it going to be a fun "toy" to have and a blast to drive for recreation, but it is going to save me a lot in gas money. My good friend and studio owner Corey recently purchased a new bike and offered me a good deal for his old one. Knowing that he babies all of his toys and that he would not rip me off, I started to really consider it. After weeks of figuring out finances and deciding what I wanted to do, I have the money and we are going to go get it sometime this week. 

2002 Suzuki GSXF600 Katana. It's nothing too fancy. It is a crotch rocket, but not what you might think in a crotch rocket. It's a sports touring bike, therefore it is more comfortable and you do not lay down on it like a sports bike. The bike only has 6,000 miles and for a 2002 that's not bad. We are also getting a full skirt bike cover and helmets with it. The bike is pretty much stock although it does have an awesome after-market Yoshi exhaust and jets to not only make it look and sound good but give it some added power. I can't wait to pick it up. The picture is not the actual bike, but same model and color scheme.

Forever and a Day

Wow, it's been almost a month since my last post. I guess I have just been too wrapped up in everything. I really haven't had the time to keep up with this. Maybe I'll get back into it. Maybe not. We'll see.

Cookout Sundays

Yesterday was such a nice relaxing day. I haven't had a day like that in a long time. Nichole and I went up to Springhill to see some family and celebrate my Aunt's birthday! Just a few of us lounging out by the pool, drinking some beer and having some good cookout food. Burgers, hot dogs, tater salad, cole slaw and deviled eggs... and don't forget the beer! It was really nice to just relax and not do much of anything. I also had a good time playing ball with my little cousins. Birthday cookouts are always the best.