Monday, April 28

Free $25

Who wants a free $25 bucks?!? I do and I got it. By signing up for this new money transfer service you will get it too... just for signing up! I was skeptical at first but after knowing a few people who have already done it, it's completely legit and free!

This easy service allows you to transfer money from your account to another members account absolutely fee free! (seems similar to Paypal) Since this is a new service, in order to get the word out there, they are offering $25 for anyone who signs up before May 15th! To be honest, I only signed up to get my $25 bucks. I could care less about the service. Free money is the ultimate freebie. Want to do it? Need more information? Do you want a free $25 for doing nothing? Then let me know either in a comment or email and I will send you a referral email. Or, click on the widget. Either way, your boy (me) will get an extra $10 for referring you. Think about how many people you can refer once you sign up.

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