Monday, April 21


I'm sure for anybody reading this blog (except for a select few of you), you are not aware that Nichole and I are buying a motorcycle! I'm pretty excited about it. Not only is it going to be a fun "toy" to have and a blast to drive for recreation, but it is going to save me a lot in gas money. My good friend and studio owner Corey recently purchased a new bike and offered me a good deal for his old one. Knowing that he babies all of his toys and that he would not rip me off, I started to really consider it. After weeks of figuring out finances and deciding what I wanted to do, I have the money and we are going to go get it sometime this week. 

2002 Suzuki GSXF600 Katana. It's nothing too fancy. It is a crotch rocket, but not what you might think in a crotch rocket. It's a sports touring bike, therefore it is more comfortable and you do not lay down on it like a sports bike. The bike only has 6,000 miles and for a 2002 that's not bad. We are also getting a full skirt bike cover and helmets with it. The bike is pretty much stock although it does have an awesome after-market Yoshi exhaust and jets to not only make it look and sound good but give it some added power. I can't wait to pick it up. The picture is not the actual bike, but same model and color scheme.

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