Tuesday, April 22

Got Screwed On That Deal

The cell phone job is not anything to me but a job. Where as the church gig and studio are more like careers. Those two I actually enjoy going to. It's nice to work and get paid for doing the things you love. But, unfortunately between the two, I still need another job to bring in more money. So, I continue to work at the mall. Well, recently I got screwed.

I used to work at the mall that was right up the road from the house. Not only was it close, but it is a nice mall, with nice clientele and it was easy to make money. Making a long story short, the guy that is the manager there cried, bitched and whined long enough that he hired another part timer and basically cut my hours way back. It's not very fair to me, especially since I have been working for this company for so long. The companies excuse is that my availability is not any good. Well no shit when you have 3 jobs. Anyone working the part time hours this company has (27/week) needs another job. 

So, the only fix was to go work out in Tampa in the ghetto mall where no one has money and everyone wants something for nothing. I hate this mall (ghetto as any) and the clientele is even worse. Bunch of poor, dirty, redneck and ghetto, uneducated, waste of space people. I can't make anything out here having to discount and slash prices. Plus the drive alone sucks. It's too far to drive especially in a truck. And now, this manager is starting to bitch because he can't have Sundays off because I do church. Well too fucking bad dude. You took the management position, now deal with it.

So, I told Nichole the other day that I'm looking to replace this job. Looking for a Friday and Saturday gig. Too bad i can't get more hours at the studio or church right now.


Cheryl said...

Sorry you are stuck at the ghetto mall.....hope you find something else to fill the gap.

The Big Leeboski said...

Did he just drop the F-bomb?

He did. He dropped the F-bomb.


You never catch me degrading myself that low.

I can go a lot lower.