Saturday, June 14

Spare Yourself

The following is a public service announcement:

We had some free time today, up here in Chicago, so we all decided to go to the movies. We went to go see M. Night's "The Happening". I'm not too much of a fan of M. Night in the first place, but the previews looked pretty good for this one, so I was happy to go see it. Big mistake. If ever I saw a movie that I felt like I needed to demand a refund afterwards, it was this one. I literally walked out and said, "I want my 2 hours back". There was basically no storyline, and if you could find one, it sucked, the acting was horrendous and the dialogue was just as atrocious. I thought Mark Wahlberg was a better actor. Maybe he is and they just paid him squat for this film. But, whatever the case may be, don't go see this movie, less you want to shave 2 hours off your life.

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The Big Leeboski said...

Go see The Incredible Hulk, it kicked total ass.