Tuesday, June 3

Freebie Mania!

Today we have some awesome freebies! And speaking of freebies, did you get your free Papa John's? I did! Nothing like free pizza. Let's go get your free on!

Gillette Body Wash (for men I believe)

Betty Crocker Warm Delight Minis (I hate these, but you might like crap. The cool thing is they send you a full size retail pack!)

Kool-Aid, Crystal Light and Country Time Lemonade (Had these a while back, but they are still active)

Mighty Dog can food

Now, my two favorites:

Free Jockey Panty from Macy's! (Can never have too many panties! Hurry, expires on the 6th of June)

Free Flat Earth: Baked Veggie Chips from Subway! (You have until the 22nd on this one. No purchase necessary. Also, if your Subway does not carry Flat Earth, it can be substituted for any Frito-Lay product!)

I really like the coupon ones because even though they take the coupon from you, you can print another one out and keep going back until the coupon expires! If the place gives you a hard time, go to another location! You can even do this for the Papa John's free pizza! Just have to make sure you redeem it enough times within three days of the strikeout game. Some of you might say that that is cheating the system. I say it's making the system work for me. 


Cheryl said...

HA!! LOL @ "making the system work for you"..!

The Big Leeboski said...

You can never have too many panties?

You need help.