Thursday, May 24


I've been doing online surveys for a couple of months now. Some offer raffles you can enter with points you earn from doing surveys and others even offer cash. I currently belong to 4 or 5. Somewhere in there. One of the newest ones I belong to is NPD Online Research. I have been getting more of their surveys than any other. What's cool about their surveys is they reward you with points for each survey. The points vary depending on the length of the survey. The points are good towards Sweepland which is a sweepstakes company. They have prizes from magazine subscriptions to a 6 day vacation in Napa Valley! When you claim your points, you also get to play a game where you can win instant prizes or even more points. Each point is one entry into the sweepstakes of your choice. I currently have 262 points in play! Sweepstakes are beginning and ending every day. I hope I win something with those 262 points.

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Cheryl said...

Hey...I'm trying to win those same prizes!!