Saturday, May 19

Career Move

It is time to get out of this mall. Since I have a degree in audio engineering, it is time to put it to good use. As some of you know, I currently work at Full Wave Sound Studios when I'm not stuck working at the mall. That sure doesn't give me enough time there though. Plus, I make some decent money at the mall gig, and the studio wouldn't be able to pay me and get enough work for me that I need. But, some new developments. We are currently putting together a live concert rig. We already have the front of house gear which is the mixing board, cables and fx units we need. All we need are some speaker cabs and amps. We have a couple of shows booked, and hopefully with some hard work we are going to be booking live shows all the time. Now, I get paid pretty good for doing these shows, not enough to live off of though. So, I will be looking for another job on top of this one. Hopefully I can find some other work in the field. I'm also going to sit down and talk with Corey about taking over the church gig he does every Sunday, that's if he moves on to the new facility. So, we will see what happens. It's just time to move on and get things started.

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Cheryl said...

Good for you! Nice to see you stepping up and taking control of your destiny!