Saturday, May 19

New car?

Nichole is getting her new car at the end of this month. It's going to be a 2007 Honda Civic. Very nice. It's made me consider getting a new vehicle. I'm just not as pleased as I thought I would be with my truck. I know that I want to get a car again. No more trucks. But, I think I still owe too much on it. Plus I have sunk some money into it lowering the suspension and some other mods. So, I'm sure I'm going to keep it. I think I'll end up keeping it until it is paid off. But, in the mean time, I need to get a chance to give it a bath. It is still all nasty from the smoke we were getting from the fires.


Brandi said...

I am so happy she is going to get a new car. I know how much she has been looking forward to it. As for your truck, I know she likes it too. :) As for giving the truck a bath, wanna do mine too? LOL Actually, Scott has been on me about washing it. That smoke and ash has done a number on it. I might actually wash it tomorrow.
Brandi B

Cheryl said...

Keep it until it's paid me on this one. A new car comes with a NEW CAR ain't fun!