Saturday, August 11

Is It Worth It?

So, I was bombarded by surveys today. I had about five in my email. I go ahead and start doing them, not realizing that each one would take about 40 minutes. That's just way too long for a survey. Who wants to talk about cell phones or paper towel for that long. Paper towel! I had to compare different brands of paper towel for 40 minutes. I don't even know what brand we buy yet alone the differences between brands. I really started to wonder if it was really worth it since most of them pay you with points. Only one of them, Pinecone Research actually pays $5 a survey. But, I'm not even sure that was worth it. Then, to boot, 3 of the surveys were the exact same thing, but from different panels! All were talking about cell phones. Apparently the study is spread across different research panels. I ended up giving up in the middle of the last one. I'll pick it up again tomorrow.

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