Tuesday, August 28


I'm not much of a paintballer. But, I have some good friends that are seriously into it. One of them owns three guns, tons of gear and even watches it on TV! That is how much he is into paintball. I've watched some of the shows with him as well as seen him play and it looks like a lot of fun. Just to see how much it would cost and what kind of gear it would take to get involved in paintball, I did a little searching.

Ultimate Paintball is a great source that has absolutly everything you could possibly need for paintball. Of course you can buy all your gear from them individually, piece by piece, but they also have these really fantastic packages put together that have everything you need to get started in the game. They not only have the guns, of course, but they also carry all the masks, safety gear, air systems, ball hoppers and even the cleaners and oils for your guns. Pictures as well as all the pricing is right in front of you so you know the bottom line. All you got to do is pick what you want, put it in the cart, pay for it and it'll be shipped out to you. I really like the easy navigation of the site and the ability to search their stock by maker. To get everything you need for paintball online, head on over to Ultimate Paintball.
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