Friday, August 24


The Macbook I was given is a used Macbook. But, it's in pretty good condition. The biggest problem is the deck/palm rest on a WHITE Macbook gets dirty easily and if you do not clean it on a regular basis it will stain. Well, the person who used it before me never cleaned it and therefore it is stained. Luckily, the church has a service agreement with Apple and I can go get it fixed for free. So, I set up an appointment, because you can't just show up, and drove all the way out to International Plaza to get it fixed. Yeah, big negative on that. They have to keep the Macbook for 3 days to put on a part that probably takes 5 minutes! Apparantly they get backed up on the weekends. Needless to say, I didn't leave it there since I need it on Sunday. Some other day I guess. If most people that own Macbooks tend to be productivity users, I don't understand how Apple can expect you to live without it for a few days. 

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