Thursday, August 2

Free 80GB Portable Hard Drive

It's Geeky Speaky Contest time! For August, my Aunt is giving away a fantastic prize. The grand prize is an 80GB Portable Hard Drive! That's awesome. I can't tell you how much I want and NEED this prize. As an Audio Engineer, I use a lot of hard drive space for my sessions. If you have been reading my blog all along, you would know that I am starting a new job as Technical Director for a church. I will be in charge of mixing the mass/show and recording it into Pro Tools which is our recording software. Since this all happens in a computer, a session could easily eat up a couple of gigs. The internal hard drive is not the best place to store your sessions and it is usually too small. I have one external hard drive, but it is already half full. Therefore, I will be going out to purchase another one. But, if I could win this fantastic prize, I wouldn't have to. I NEED this prize. As always, there is a booby prize for a runner up. It's really easy to enter. All you have to do is blog about it, put a bulletin in MySpace about it or drop a comment. Run over to Geeky Speaky and see how you can enter.

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