Thursday, July 19


My good friend and colleague Corey purchased a waverunner about 3 months ago. He happens to have a job where he makes his own schedule and gets every Saturday and Sunday off. You know what he is doing on those days? Yep, out on the waverunner tearing it up in the sun. Both days and every weekend. I envy his time. But, it got me thinking I want one too. I have a trailer hitch on my truck now. I know I can afford one. The only thing stopping me is my time. Unfortunately working at the mall requires me to be there all day Friday and Saturday. But, that still leaves Sunday wide open. I really do not want a used waverunner, but I also do not want to have to finance something else. So, if I can find a used one that is in great shape, low hours and possibly still has a warranty attached, I will seriously consider it. Nichole's cousin's husband who installed my shocks on my truck, used to work on waverunners and jetskis for a living. Therefore if I did buy a used one and something was to arise, I can have him take a look at it for me. So, if you know of anyone that has a jetski / waverunner that they want to get rid of, let me know.

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Cheryl said...

I let Shane know, he's gonna ask around..since he has a boat, he has lot's of "water" friends....