Friday, July 27

Get Fechr-ed

No, I'm not speaking some foreign language. Fechr is actually pronounced Feature. It's this really neat site that features a new blog every 24 hours for a full 24 hours! What they do is actually put a mirrored image of your blog on their homepage. People that visit it can then read all your posts, click on your links and leave you comments all from within their site. Do you know what that could do for your traffic? Right now they say they are getting a few hundred a day! That's a few hundred people seeing your blog. The best part about this service is it is free! But, it wont be for long. I know I'm going to snatch this up while it's free. It's free advertisement people, so head over there and get your Fechr on.

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Bobby Griffin said...

Hey Mic Man,

Thanks for the great post! I hope you'll stop by daily and check out whose being featured (even if it's not you!). Don't forget about the Digg/Stumble/Reddit/Delicious buttons on the top. Hitting these not only helps, but it helps the feature that day (with some extra traffic) and future features (by perhaps bringing in some repeat visitors). Thanks!!