Tuesday, July 3

Significant Fest

Although it was unbearably hot, very long, very smelly and at times just over the top crazy, it was a success. We were setting up gear Friday morning at 7:30. The show started at noon and lasted into the night. The second day also started at noon and we did not leave the event until 1:30 AM, putting me in bed at around 4 AM! I was so tired. Out of all the bands that were there, only about half had any real talent. The other half were more often than not just a group of kids up on stage making noise. Although, the whole event was heavy/hard rock screamo. Every band played heavy rock with a "screamer" that screamed so loud, it would distort all the sound and you could not understand a word of it. Thank God for the earplugs Nichole bought me. There were a lot of people there which just added to the poorly ventilated atmosphere. I don't think I have ever been that hot or sweated that much. Except for our damaged gear (two mics, 1 mic stand and some cables) it was a great show with a great turn out. Hope to do it again next year.

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Cheryl said...

Mmmm sweaty , smelly kids.....just where I want to be..NOT!