Friday, July 13

Great Buy

Okay, so I order product for my cellular store every week online. It usually gets delivered either Thursday or Friday. This past Monday I placed an order as usual with the usual products like cases, car chargers, charms, etc... But, this time I also saw that I could order these really cool remote control cars! They are mini, battery operated remote control cars. Just a little larger than a quarter. You might have seen them this last holiday season. They were everywhere. Anyways, I got my order today and there they were. I gave one to my buddy who works next to me and I kept one for myself. They are really cool. They drive fast and actually work really well for being cheap. They only cost $4 is product cost. I think I gave my friend the best gift ever. All he has been doing is driving the car on his kiosk. He even built a couple of ramps for it! As you can tell, it's a slow day in the mall. 

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Cheryl said...

NOICE! Where's mine?