Saturday, July 7


Apparently, I have been tagged. My Aunt tagged me. I now have to list 8 things about myself. They can be any facts or habits about me. The good part is I can then Tag up to eight people I know. The bad part is I do not know anyone else that blogs other than my Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Colleen. Both of them have already been tagged. Looks like it ends with me. People who have been tagged, should blog their list of eight and then link back here.

1. I have since I was a kid and still do bite my nails.

2. I have not had pimples for at least 3 years. I recently used some astringent on my forehead, and now it is all broken out. Apparently I am allergic to that astringent.

3. Even though I went to college and had some hefty student loans, I no longer have any student loan debt. (Thanks to my Great Grandmother) Not many that went to college and are my age can say that.

4. During high school, if I was at home and not at a friend's house, I slept on the floor because my drumkit took up too much room for a bed.

5. Since 2002 (moving out of mom and dad's) I have not lived in the same place for more than 1 year. (I even lived on a bus for 3 months!)

6. Oue A/C has been broken since Friday and is getting fixed today

7. Nichole and I saw Transformers last night

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Colleen said...

#8 - you don't know how to count. LOL!