Monday, July 23

Business Dinner

Last night I had a "business dinner" with Corey, his wife Lindsey and Nichole. It was to feel out where both I and Corey stand with the future. To make a long story short: Corey works for a church and is the Technical Director for one of the satellite campuses. Basically it is a church that has a main site in one location and then has a bunch of little satellite sites for people to congregate at that might be closer to them than the main site. Every Sunday they meet and have a live band and/or singers and have mass. Anyway's, Corey is being offered the job of Technical Director for the whole church! A big job. He will therefore need someone to replace him at the satellite (me) as well as he will need someone to be at the studio more often since he will be gone longer. I am already on board with the church thing. I will become the Technical Director for the satellite location. I will be in charge of audio, video and lighting. I am also on board for the studio. After discussing last night, the plan is this: If he takes the job promotion, which he most likely will, I will take over running service on Sundays and working 15 hours a week, making pretty good money. There is more to it but the big portion is running the service. I will then also be working 2-3 days a week at the studio all day long. I'll be in charged of whatever is scheduled on those days. This will end up being between 16 and 24 hours a week. Both those jobs combined will cover me pretty good financially. But, I will most likely take over a part time position at the cell phone place for extra bread or I have some other ideas lying around. One is The Hard Rock Casino is hiring A/V Techs. So, I have to go out there and check that out. I figured between the three (church, studio and a 3rd job) I'll be all set. Plus, we still have all the live concert gigs booked that I am in charge of. Tomorrow is the moment of truth. Once Corey knows what's going on, I'll know what's going on and we will set everything in motion. I'm pretty psyched about all this. Oh, and I forgot to mention some of the perks. Working for the church, I get a Macbook and they also book trips such as one coming up where we would go to Chicago for a convention, all expenses paid!

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Cheryl said...

Good luck with that....and are you going to ask us to get paid for reviewing EVERY post? You should save that for special ones.