Saturday, July 28

ING Direct Bonus

I recently signed up for an ING Direct high interest savings account. My Aunt helped me set this up for my birthday. It's going to be my little emergency fund. There are a bunch of cool things about this account such as the interest rate. It's at a nice 4.5% rate right now. Not bad for a savings account. The ING account also works great with your current bank account. It's easy to transfer money into your savings from your checking and back. I just do it all online. ING will even do it automatically for you whenever you want and as frequently as you want. There is nothing like having your money make money. That's what I love about this deal. You can take part in this too. If you use one of the cool "Bonus Links" I am authorized to give you and deposit a minimum of $250 when you start up your account, ING will give you an additional $25. Wait a sec... my money is making me money and ING is going to give me money. *pondering* What are you waiting for? Email me at, put ING Savings in the subject line, and I'll send you link so you can get your $25.

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Cheryl said...

Work those links, save that money!