Monday, July 23

Pay Per Post

So, I signed up for Pay Per Post the other day. Both my Aunt Colleen and Aunt Cheryl have been doing it for some time now. I can proudly say that my Aunt Colleen has made more money on Pay Per Post than anyone else! That's amazing. I was just waiting for my blog to be old enough to get into it myself. I really hope it ends up being an enjoyable experience with the added benefit of getting paid.


Colleen said...


Marisa said...

Welcome to the PPP family! Your Aunt Colleen is awesome!

Cheryl said...

Umm.yesss......and Aunt Cheryl is awesome, too!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Okay. Now here is what I am going to need: lots and lots of dirt on your aunts.

Make it so. Don't make me come down there.