Saturday, July 21


My boss at the cell phone place has been in town for about a week now. Yesterday we were both up here working and it was getting pretty boring in the mall. We ended up getting a "bootlegged" copy of Transformers! It's a camera version, meaning someone sat in the theater with a video camera and taped it. But, surprisingly the quality is pretty good for a camera. It's not too dark, the colors are good and the sound is fantastic for a camera. We were thinking it might have been ripped off of a DLP projector. New theaters and some of the old that can afford them, are installing DLP (digital light processing) projectors that use basically a software file and totally do away with film. If someone hooked up a computer to one of these, they could have ripped it off. I don't know. But, anyways, it was pretty cool to watch Transformers on the computer before it is even on DVD. My boss also ended up going down to Radio Shack to purchase a decent set of speakers with a sub for the kiosk just to watch movies! 

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Cheryl said...

I haven't seen it in the theatre yet, and you're already playng Capn Jack and pirating the dern thing! NICE.