Wednesday, June 13


I have a MDA from Tmobile which is a pocket pc with a cell phone built in. I subscribe to the unlimited internet access plan that they have. With this plan, I can surf the web, browse full web pages, check my email, have my email automatically download, get directions, instant message and even "Google Earth" all on my MDA! As long as I have a cellular signal, which I always do, I can access any part of the internet whenever and wherever I want. My MDA also has the ability to connect to any wireless network just like a laptop and with the same speed you get on a laptop. It also has the ability to create and edit Word and Excel documents. I use almost all of the features on a week to week basis if not everyday. While I am out of town this weekend (I will not be taking my laptop) I will be using my MDA to check my email, keep up with the news, get directions and phone numbers, and maybe even post some posts.

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