Friday, June 1


Cool Contest Alert! Check out my Aunt Colleen's blog at GeekySpeaky for her cool contest. This month she is giving away two prizes, a 1GB Flash Drive and a Futurama DVD. Now, I don't know how geeky you are, but I call myself a geek, and I'm proud of it. I'm sitting here at work right now, on my laptop, with a desktop next to me and I'm working on both at the same time! The 1GB Flashdrive is a really cool prize. I bought a 256MB a while back, and it's packed solid with files. I need an expansion. Working in a recording, as I do, I have to transfer large files from computer to computer and having a large drive is a blessing. But, the Futurama DVD... Come on, it's Futurama. I never was into the show too much until I met Nichole, and now we watch it whenever it is on. It's funny, enjoyable and the best part is it doesn't take any brain power to understand it and enjoy it. As a booby prize, it's the best booby prize there is. So, be sure to head over to her GeekySpeaky blog and see how you can enter. Think about it, someone has to win.

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Cheryl said...

I love Futurama! And, I have a flashdrive that a vendor gave me, I'll trade you for it.....just come over and clean out my 'puter, it's moving too slow. Savvy?