Monday, June 4

More Like a Swimming Pool

So we have this ice rink in our mall. My kiosk is upstairs from it, but we have a balcony view of it (makes the day a little more interesting on a slow day). When I came into work I noticed the ice was wet and thought the Zamboni must have just ran. Um, no. It's still wet! Apparently the compressor that chills the ice froze up and needs to be replaced. It's not some little compressor the size of the one in your car either. More like the size of your car! Looks like there will be no skating for the next couple of days. The interesting thing will be to see if it leaks. Last time this happened, the lower level flooded throughout the mall! Another exciting day in the mall. Looks like it's just falling apart around here.

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Cheryl said...

He he..the mall is falling apart!