Tuesday, June 19

Sweepstakes, Prizes, Giveaways, etc...

Just within the past few months I have been blogging, signing up for free products, doing surveys and winning entries into sweepstakes and grabbing raffle tickets. I still haven't won a thing. Well, I guess you can't include the free stuff, because it isn't within the guidelines of "winning". We have received a lot of free stuff too. But, I have probably entered at least 35 sweepstakes and entered some of them more than 50 times. One survey company I participate, NPD in allows you to enter points into sweepstakes. I have 75 points in an Alaskan cruise sweepstakes right now and another 100 points divided up between some other prizes. Will I win? We will see. I have not won anything yet. At least I can always count on Pinecone to send me $5, on average, once a week for doing their surveys. Thank you Pinecone Research.

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