Tuesday, June 19


You know, the things you use to view web pages? The most popular web browser is Internet Explorer followed by Mozilla's Firefox. Others might be using AOL or MSN as their browser. I am a Mac fan. My XP laptop even looks and acts like a Mac. So when Apple released Safari for Windows, I ran right over there and downloaded it. Safari is Apple's browser. It is said to be the fastest browser available yet one of the simplest. I believe it is. Since downloading it, I have used it daily and only use IE when downloading Microsoft Updates since they can only download with IE. Pages load a lot faster and pictures pop up instantly. There is no loading of individual elements separately. It is still in Beta, so there are a few glitches but very few that I have found. I have only found 2 pages that do not load and Apple gives you the ability to report a bug so they can take care of the problem. Damn, I sound like this should be a sponsored post and I should be getting paid.

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Cheryl said...

Soon, grasshopper, very soon you will be paid. Keep practicing! LOL!