Tuesday, June 19

Paypal Sucks

We all know how there are tons of spam and phishing emails sent out daily. All of mine go into the junk mail and then deleted. The other day I noticed I had $200 missing from my bank. After some research I find out that Paypal paid some Shyper Communications on my behalf. What is this crap! I made sure both parties were aware of this and demanded to get my money back. Paypal was able to reverse the charges, but had to put a hold on my account. Come to find out, they haven't even received the money from my bank account yet even though it has posted to my bank. The lady then tells me that as soon as they receive the money from my bank, it will be available for me to dump it back to my account. Absolutely ridiculous. She then tells me about how secure Paypal is and I called her out on it and claimed BS. I do not open up any of the spam emails that claim to be from Paypal, so don't tell me I did something wrong. If it wasn't for Ebay I would never deal with this crappy company ever again. This is the third time this has happened to me and I know some others that have had problems too. I don't know what their problem is. I do all kinds of online monetary transactions and Paypal is the only one that has issues. If they were so secure, they would find a way to stop all the phishing and spam emails that claim to be them or at least differentiate themselves from the fake emails. 

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