Friday, June 8

Customer Service

Whoever said, "The customer is always right" needs to have a good chat with the Cracker Barrel people. I have been going to Cracker Barrel for years and never had a problem. I have even worked for them at one point. We went there last night to have a nice dinner, in part to the gift card my aunt had given me. We get seated and start looking at the menu and not even a minute later our waitress comes up and says, "You know what you want to order?". No even a "hello" or "how are you doing". It was just pretty rude. So we said no and we ordered our drinks. Next, when we do order, Nichole asks to have bacon instead on grits, which has never been a problem before. The waitress says, "oh, that can't be done. Grits are practically complimentary." Again, more rudeness. She didn't even offer the bacon and say tat would be extra or anything, just that it couldn't be done. Now, when I worked for Cracker Barrel the customer was always right. If the meal came with two eggs but the guest wanted three, then the guest got three. What topped it all off was when the food came out. Nichole's chicken fried chicken had no gravy on it and the waitress told us to use the gravy that was there for our biscuits! So, I called over a manager and told him all this. Of course, he was a bumbling fool that could barely speak English. We ended up getting our gravy and bacon and eatting our meal. I was going to leave no tip, but I ended up leaving $2. Oh and just a heads up, the candy that Cole usually buys which used to be 10 cents is now 15 cents.

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Cheryl said...

The manager in duty did not comp your meal? Or even offer you free dessert? That is messed up! I would get on their website and write them a poison pen letter!