Wednesday, June 27

Birthday News

So I'm 24 now. Another year gone by. I can't wait until next year when my insurance drops. That will be nice. Didn't do anything fancy for my birthday. We went over to our friends Eric and Jenna's house for a nice steak dinner and some wine. We always have a good time sitting out on the deck and just chit chatting and getting drunk off of wine. Most likely, I am, and if Nichole wants, going over to the parent's house to visit and see them for a bit. Nichole is going to take me out someday for my birthday as well. That's about it. Can't wait to get some money from my parents, my aunt and then I have a good chuck to start up this high interest savings account. I might feel like I am actually getting ahead somewhere. Now all I have to do is eliminate my credit card debt.


Cheryl said...

Patience, Grasshopper.

Colleen said...

My insurance dropped only a teeny bit when I turned 25. Don't count on big savings!