Wednesday, June 27

Hell On Earth?

I'm really wondering if this Significant Fest show we are doing this Friday and Saturday is going to be hell on Earth. Why you might ask. It is a two day skating/music festival held within a huge, non-air conditioned warehouse. There will be tons of kids and 20 somethings skateboarding and possibly roller blading inside this park. At the same time we will be running sound for 15 or so bands a day! I have not heard anything about any support staff being available either. I know Corey and I will be there running the show, but I have no idea who will be in charge of the bands and getting them ready to get up on the stage and perform. So, I'm excited but a little uncertain about this event. Hopefully everything will rock and gel together smoothly. I know with Corey and I running the show it will be the best it can be.

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