Friday, June 8


Nichole and I went to Disney yesterday. Always a good time. Yesterday happened to be the last day we can go for the summer due to block out dates. We still had not riden the new ride at Animal Kingdom, Expedition Everest. So, we finally got to ride it. After a 60 minute wait (ridicules) we got on the ride. It was really good. It has some different things in it that you can not find anywhere else which made it a unique experience. We think it was worth the wait. If you get over to that park, definately wait in line to ride it. We made a nice, leisure day of it and mulled around. We even got home at a decent hour and closed off the night with a nice swim at the pool/hot tub and a nice movie in bed.


Cheryl said...

I didn't like skeered me!

Colleen said...

Have you learned nothing from me? Get to the park when it opens, grab a fast past for later, and ride right then with less than a 20 minute wait. We always ride it 2 or 3 times when we go, and even little Matthew loves it now.