Tuesday, January 8

Video Games

The video game industry is a huge industry. Everyone from the ones who design the games to the ones that pimp them in the malls is involved. It has been a growing industry and continues to grow. It's most likely will never reach an end unless we hit a wall in technology. But, anyways.

I was lucky enough to win a XBox 360 for Christmas from work! How cool is that. What really sucks about it though is you get it home and you have the unit and one controller. So, now you have to spend a fortune getting another controller, the right cables if it only comes with basics, a million dollars on the games ($60 average), memory cards, cables and hardware to get it online... It's crazy. Luckily all of my games from original XBox also work on the new one. I ended up rearranging the den so I didn't have to buy a $100 wireless dongle for the unit! $100 for a wireless adaptor is outrageous. And I just spent $40 on another controller. I guess I'll have to wait to spend the $60 on a new game. Not to mention that the game that I want, Guitar Hero 2 (I'll settle for 2 and wait for 3 to come down in price) requires that you purchase a guitar controller that ranges in price from $60 to $120!

Then there is the online thing. I go online and there is of course a subscription to the online service that you have to pay. But, that only gets you online. Then, they want you to spend even more money to upgrade your games, add bonus levels, tracks and cars, and get added features. Anything to make a buck I guess.

I have an original XBox with 3 controllers and headset for sale!