Monday, January 7

Inkjet Cartridges

Nichole and I have one of those all in one printer / scanner / copier. It's a Lexmark, just like everyone else has. We even have a Lexmark at the studio. The problem with these inkjet printers is the ink cartridges are so expensive. The printer at the studio is always running out of ink. We do use it a lot though. But, the one Nichole and I have has a bigger problem. Not only are the cartridges expensive, but for some reason the ink seems to dry up on it's own. We will go to print a page and it will only print in all blue. Or it might print halfway down the page, but the top will have nothing. I think we might have got a bad batch of ink. But, we spent so much on them, that I would hate to go out and spend more and only have the same problem with new ones. Enter, our good friend, the Internet!

Ink Jet Deals is an awesome site that can help you find good deals on inkjet cartridges. I bet you might even be able to find ink that you can not find in stores. They make it really easy for you too. You can filter through the site for your specific brand of printer. We can find inkjet cartridges for our Lexmark. Have a HP? Or perhaps you need an Epson printer inkjet cartridge. The site also has some great tips on storing and saving ink as well as coupon codes for getting some amazing deals.

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