Sunday, January 13

Time For New Eyes

Nichole and I both wear glasses and the last time either of us had our eyes checked was years ago. Yeah, I know, pretty bad huh? But, we have been discussing getting our eyes checked since before Christmas. Now that the rush of the holidays is over, we have the time to get them checked. I know that I will need new glasses. I prefer something that has square frames and a nutral color. Pretty much like what I have now. I love the frames I have now. Gun metal gray and designer Guess frames to boot. I'm sure I will not be getting designer frames as my next set. But, even a nice set of generic frames can run you a bit. So, I've been thinking about looking online for some good deals. Maybe even someone that sells frames directly to you from the manufacturer. Someone like this Great Discovery: I think they have great deals because they not only sell directly to you with no middle-man, but they also sell their own manufactured frames so you can even get a greater deal. It's all about the bargains.

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