Friday, January 11

Taking It Back To The Oldschool...

Cause I'm an old fool, who's so cool. Guess where that line of lyrics came from. Anyways. 

Nichole loves to play Tetris. I remember playing Tetris on my dads original, pea-soup green Gameboy. Yeah, monochrome. Lol. Since she loves playing it, and I do enjoy a thrilling game from time to time, I had purchased it for our original XBox. But, unfortunately out of all our old games, Tetris is the only one that will not work on the new 360. After searching both Babbages and EB Games at our mall, I found the very last Tetris Evolution for 360 hidden behind some other games. Last night we played it and I enjoy the new spins they throw on the old game. Multi-colored of course, but with some of the original music! Sometimes old school is the new school.

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