Saturday, January 26

Gimme Money

So, it's been a couple of days since my last post. I've been busy...

The buzz around here (work) has been getting our taxes prepared and that awesome little kickback we all should be expecting this June. For the few of you that are possibly not aware: coming in June the government will be releasing a relief package to all bread earners. For someone like myself or Nichole, if you made over $3k this tax year (which we did of course) we will be receiving a $600 check each! I believe it's not all finalized yet, but we sure will be getting something. That $1,200 will pay for our whole trip to Colorado in September. It's not often you can say the government is giving away money.

As for our taxes, we both already filed ours so we can get an early return. All our 1099s and W2s came so why not get it over with and give me my money! The pretty decent amount we will be getting back will all be getting dumped into our E-Fund (aren't you proud Cheryl?)


Cheryl said...

BEAMING with pride!!!! Isn't it a nice secure felling to know that you have your OWN money to fall back on, "just in case".....and, that it is growing at a nice interest rate?!

Coli :) said...

I am very proud of us!!