Monday, January 21

Frozen Footballs and Beet Red Faces

Of coursed I watched the games yesterday. I had to watch the Patriots game online while I was at work, but I got to watch the Green Bay game on TV. It was a pretty decent game and I'm happy the Giants won and are going to the Super Bowl. Green Bay fans are obnoxious and I wanted to see an upset. But, man, was it cold up there. -2 degrees is unbearable. If you watched, did you see Coughlin's beet red face. I bet that was hurting after last nights game. It seems almost all of the continental United States went cold.

We just had a big storm rip through here the other night and it dropped the temperture conciderably. It's funny how it is warm one day and then overnight it drops to freezing temps. You never know what to wear without going outside to check. They even had snow in Alabama and Georgia! One of the malls that the cell phone joint has a kiosk in even closed early due to the bad weather. Looks like it should be warming up through the next week though.

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