Tuesday, January 15

Macbook Air

Have you seen the Macbook Air? 

Now you have. This is one badass computer. Weighing in at just 3 pounds and at it's thickest it is a mere .76 inches makes it one of the smallest and lightest notebooks around. It makes my Macbook look like a brick. Yet this Macbook still has almost everything you need. It still has a decent sized screen at 13.3 inches and is backlit by the power of LED. (Maybe this would solve the backlight issues I have with my Macbook). 802.11n wireless technology is built in as a standard (I would hope so) and the hard drive is a standard at 80 gigs. Although you do have the option of getting a 64 gig solid state drive that has no moving parts. The processing unit is a custom build for the Macbook Air. We are looking at an Intel Core 2 Duo clocked at 1.6 or 1.8 GHz. Pretty fast. All together this is a pretty badass notebook. But, I did say almost...

One thing that had to be sacrificed for thinness was the optical drive or CD/DVD drive. But, wait. How can they do away with that? Well, they do have a work around. Included is a new software program called Remote Disc. It will actually let you load a CD on your Macbook Air via wireless from another computer. You are basically bogarting the optical drive of the other computer no matter if it is a Mac or PC, laptop or desktop. I guess they are relying on the fact that you already have another computer in your house.

All in all I think it is an awesome notebook and I'm sure Apple will be successful with it. Is it worth it at a price mark of $1,799? I think not. At least not for me. The only benefits I would gain would be a faster processor, a thinner, lighter and cooler Macbook... oh, and maybe my LCD wouldn't flicker. (Maybe they should fix that problem first). But, I would lose my optical drive. Still an awesome notebook and a flashy hint at what the future has for notebooks.

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