Wednesday, January 9

Art Is Gorgeous

I like to consider myself an art lover. Although I have not been to many art museums, the few I have been to have been a fantastic experience. If you were to come over to my place you would see that I have a decent amount of art on my walls. There are not any themes, although the living room and dining room combined are all about music. Last Christmas, Nichole bought me these two matching prints that have pianos, drums, horns and a few other instruments that are all put together into an abstract. I really like them. They not only pop with color, but they also match very well with my other two pieces in those rooms. 

Those pieces are from an artist by the name of Anatole Krasnyansky. Those two pieces are not prints, but originals! The one is done on canvas and the other is done on a handmade papyrus. Really neat pieces. My Dad gave them to me as gifts and I love them. He had purchased them while on a cruise during an onboard art auction. The company that puts these auctions on is Park West Art Gallery. They hold the largest collection of fine art. Park West not only does auctions at sea, but they also do auctions throughout the states and Canada and they also do online sales as well. I also have some other pieces purchased from Park West such as a limited edition Le Kinff. They are a fantastic source for really nice original pieces of art. Next time I need some art, I'm going to Park West.

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